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Best Online Business Ideas To Begin On a Low Budget

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The growth of the online business has increased in leaps and bounds in recent years. After the occurrence of emergencies due to the corona pandemic, many online companies have witnessed enormous growth. A large number of people have adopted the career transition to online business. It has been estimated that the value of the affiliate marketing industry will be worth 820 crores in 2022. 

If you are also nourishing your dream to become an online entrepreneur, you should try some small business online ideas in 2022. If you want to be your boss by investing only a little money in your business, there is no other option than doing online business. An online business can earn you a hefty amount beyond your imagination.

Did you know? The value of eCommerce was estimated to exceed 5 trillion dollars in 2022.

Online business in India

An online business is a kind of business that is processed remotely through the internet. The online business includes selling products and services, SaaS solutions, and getting paid for goods. It is also recognized as an e-business. With digitilisation, India has expanded it market to selling online with a product range of household supplies to bulk manufacturing. E-commerce platforms have made it easy to help new businesses establish themselves in the digital world. The evolution of cheap internet services & smartphones has paved the way for small businesses. In 2021, the Indian ecommerce market had a size of approximately ₹4 lakh crores and is estimated to grow by more than ₹5000 crores by the end of 2022.

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Best Online Business Ideas in 2022

You can earn a hefty sum of money if you can do online business by applying the proper strategy. Many online business ideas can help you create a good income source. But you should pick one that aligns with your interest and skill. It would help if you did proper research before applying these online business ideas. Some of the best online business ideas have been mentioned below:

  • An eCommerce Store

Launching an online store can be one of the best business ideas online. Nowadays, most people prefer to do online shopping as it has become viable due to easy access to the internet. Online shopping also saves a lot of time. You can choose any product from the comfort of your home. It was found that 2.14 billion people relied on online shopping till 2021. 

You can grab this opportunity by launching an online store. But, before opening an online store, you should conduct proper research regarding each product to guarantee your success. Instead of covering many products, try to segment your niche. For example- instead of selling a variety of clothes, try to select a micro niche like ladies’ kurti. It will help you to build a group of reliable customers.

  • Sell an Online Course

If you excel in any of the skills of the relevant time, you can create a course and sell that to those who are interested in learning that skill. It is one of the most profitable online startup ideas that can help you enormously to climb to the soaring height of success. You can generate a passive income by applying this business idea.  

Many online platforms allow people to learn different skills. You can use any platform’s help to sell your course, or you can also sell the course independently. If your course has enough potential, you can expect to earn from six to seven figures per year only by selling a course online. For example- if you are an SEO expert, you can create a course on SEO and sell it on an online platform.

  • Online Consulting Business

If you are great in any business skill that can help the business to grow, you can start consulting businesses. You must be confident that you can help the business with your knowledge and skill. Companies often get challenges in solving various problems within the business. Therefore companies often opt for consultation. 

Starting an online consulting business can be one of the profitable business ideas. Although you will have to start this as a small business online ideasyour dedication can make it one of the large businesses. 

  • Freelance Content Writing

If you like to play with words and have the knack for expressing your knowledge using words, you can opt for content writing as your career. Nowadays, many businesses rely on SEO marketing and hire a content writer to write for their products by creating blogs. These business websites that publish blogs are always searching for a writer with good writing skills. You can apply for those websites and write for them. If you specialize in a particular niche, your demand will be high amongst employers. Many young writers find it one of the best online business ideas.

A writer can expect an average earning of ₹40 to 50 thousand per month. One can earn more based on experience and skills. First, try to write a few blogs free of cost to make a strong portfolio. Once you can build a good portfolio, you won’t have to worry about the work.

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  • Social Media Marketing

This is an era of social media. Whether an individual or business, everyone endeavors to have an ample number of followers on their social media pages. If you are an expert in handling social media profiles, you can approach businesses to handle their social media pages. If you can drag customers by advertising, you can expect a huge amount of money from these businesses. 

You will have to offer free services to a business or an individual to get the first client. By showing your experience, you will get clients paying you a heft amount. Social media marketing may seem to be one of the small business online ideasbut you can expect it to be big quickly.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing promotes a brand’s product by linking it to its content. It is one of the most affordable business ideas one can start by investing little or no money. A blogger or a YouTuber is often noticed promoting a product of a particular brand and earning some additional income.

  • Website and App Development

The development of websites and apps has always been in high demand. Many businesses require a developer for a website or App to shift their business from offline to online. The payment of a website or App developer is also high. If you know how to code and have a knack for developing a website and an App, you can easily become a developer.

  • Data Entry

Online data entry is one of the small online business ideasMany organizations require data entry operators to enter various data on their websites or apps. Although the payment is less than other online work, you can start it as an additional career option.

  • Sell Photos Online

If you are passionate about photography and click the amazing pictures, you can sell your photos to high-profile websites like Shutterstock and istock. It is one of the best online ideas for those who want to build a career in photography. 

  • Online Tutoring 

Providing online education to children can be one of the wonderful online start-up ideasIf you are interested in teaching children and want to bring a good impact on society, you can opt for online tutoring. Some apps and websites provide a platform for the tutor and student to avail of the services. You can create your classroom by using these apps and websites.

  • Write ebooks

You can create an ebook and publish it without pitching it to a publisher. You can do it yourself on your personal websites or other self-publishing sites like Amazon KDP. You won’t have to face the challenge of finding an audience as you will benefit from the existing audience offered by self-publishing sites.

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  • YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel without much effort if you have a particular skill and want to present it to a larger audience. You will only have to upload your videos regularly. You will also have to maintain good quality so that people find interest in your content. It can be one of the best online business ideas.

  • SEO consultation

Many businesses opt for SEO marketing to make their products popular amongst their customers. If you are an expert in SEO marketing, you can expect a handsome amount from various companies and websites. You can expect more with the passage of time and your experience.

  • Domain Selling

Buying and selling a valuable domain can be a profitable business idea. With proper research, you can buy some highly valuable domains at a low price and sell them at an expensive rate. But, you will have to conduct thorough research to find highly valuable domains. You can not buy the domains randomly. Otherwise, nobody will buy your domain, and you will make a loss instead of making a profit.

  • Online Editing

If you are interested in finding the error and rewriting a sentence by using more appealing words, you can be an editor. However, many writers also work as editors, or you can directly apply for the editor post if you have earlier experience editing various content written by other writers. It can also be one of the best online business ideas you can opt for to earn a handsome amount of money.


You can easily earn a lot of money by applying any of the best online business ideas mentioned above. Before using these ideas, you must know which vision aligns with your knowledge and interest. There will be a high probability of success only if you adopt such an idea that can give you a good understanding. Every online business idea can be profitable if you are interested in a particular field.

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