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A Complete Guide on What Is Customer Acquisition Cost

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A company will spend a certain amount to acquire a new client, referred to as the customer acquisition cost. The customer acquisition cost helps measure the company’s efforts to expand its customer base, as it provides a quantitative indicator of how much money was spent. The cost of acquiring new customers is determined by taking the additional charges connected with converting prospects into customers and dividing that total by the number of developed customers. This gives the customer acquisition cost. The expansion of a company is dependent on the acquisition of a more significant number of consumers. For the marketing of the firm, financial resources and time are necessary. 

Did you know? Customer acquisition costs will assist you in determining where you need to invest the resources to attract clients or acquire customers.

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What Is the Customer Acquisition Cost?

The customer acquisition cost is the total amount spent on acquiring a new client. The customer acquisition cost meaning refers to the tools that may be used to measure how difficult it is to acquire new customers. There are a significant number of actions that are carried out in agreement with businesses to gain new clients. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • Content marketing
  • Referral advertising
  • Sales assistance 

This is also known as the cost per acquisition or the acquisition cost, and it is will include all of the expenses associated with the points described above. The CAC will be able to assist the businesses in determining which channels of sales and marketing are most effectively obtaining clients.

Any business should strive to achieve a certain ratio between the income generated per user and the amount spent on customer acquisition.

How Do You Determine the Customer Acquisition Cost?

You can use a customer acquisition cost formula to determine your CAC. This formula is achieved by dividing the total amount of money spent on acquiring new customers by the total number of new customers gained over that period.

CAC= Cost of marketing and sales/ Number of new customers acquired

The following is one possible formulation for this:

CAC is calculated by dividing the total amount spent on new customers by the total number of new customers.

The amount of money that is spent on the acquisition of new customers might vary depending on a variety of variables, such as the following:

  • The expense associated with ads
  • Staff in marketing and sales expense overhead
  • Expenditure incurred in the production of supplementary sales materials due to their manufacture
  • The expense that is incurred in assisting the company’s clients

Therefore, the cost of acquiring new customers may be computed after considering all these aspects.

Let’s understand the concept with the help of a customer acquisition cost example.

For instance, if a company invests a total of 30,000 in sales and marketing. It generates only new customers, with the number of new customers totalling 300 throughout one year, then the customer acquisition cost can be calculated, such as the following:

30,000 / 300 = 100 for each consumer.

Therefore, the CAC is equivalent to 100.

When the customer acquisition cost is lower than the anticipated income from each client, it is possible to generate a profit with the assistance of the acquisition strategy.

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What Goes into the Calculation of the Cost of Acquiring a Customer?

The cost of acquiring new customers takes into account not only the total amount of sales but also the marketing costs and the following additional expenses:

  • Compensation packages for those working in marketing and sales
  • The equipment, such as printers, laptops, and phones
  • Third-party agencies and consultants used for advertising and marketing, in addition to meeting the development requirements.
  • Software applications, in addition to technologies such as customer relationship management and marketing automation
  • Advertising
  • Commercial broadcast 
  • Expense for events and conferences.
  • Percentage off the list prices of the discounted goods.
  • Discount in the cost of acquiring the client, with the amount of the value being added to the CAC.

Some companies may also include the money made from sales. However, the costs associated with marketing are not included. The numerator has to have all of the marketing expenditures and sales expenses added to it to calculate the CAC accurately. If you are excluding the marketing and sales expenses, it will lead to an unfavourable CAC, as it doesn’t define the true state of the business.

How to Lessen the Expense of Acquiring New Customers?

Three customer-centric strategies will help decrease the cost of client acquisition. Therefore, they will also assist you in increasing the Customer Service Index (CSI), and maximise your earnings.

  • Be of assistance to the consumer. One may understand the client’s requirements and preferences, which will assist in developing a product that will excite the consumer.
  • Start early with your customer engagement. It would help if you started working with your product as soon as possible to reduce the average client acquisition cost.
  • Find a way to keep them coming back. You can accomplish this by providing a positive experience for the customer. This is because the cost of acquiring new customers is significantly higher than retaining an existing customer.

Significance of the Customer Acquisition Cost

The customer acquisition cost gives the business investors a chance to look at the primary business statistic. Many firms will fail because they do not grasp this particular business number, which is the CAC. This cost of client acquisition helps improve the return on investment.

For the return on investment, a solid grasp of the cost of obtaining new subscribers is essential. The organisation can determine expenses efficiently by utilising the customer cost of acquisition. This allows the organisation to address how to lower the cost of gaining new customers.

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Another factor contributing to the significance of client acquisition costs is the enhancement of profit margin. By grasping the customer acquisition cost, a company can conduct a comprehensive study of the worth of its customers and enhance its profit margins. If a company does not have a solid grasp on this CAC, then the company’s profitability will suffer as a direct result.


In the long run, the world’s marketers will assist enterprises and organisations in terms of their expansion. Still, at regular intervals marketers will be required to begin the pursuit of development once again.  Most of the time, marketers must go through a challenging phase in which they make poor decisions, negatively affecting the business. To shield oneself from making such poor decisions for the company, it is essential to have a powerful tool, such as the customer acquisition cost. The customer acquisition cost accurately represents the amount of money put into finding new clients.

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