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Form 10C – How to Fill Form 10C Online? Download Form 10C

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The EPF or Employees Provident fund is a retirement scheme with post-retirement benefits. First, a fixed part of your monthly salary gets deposited into an account. Then, your employer deposits an equal amount to your EPS and EPF employee accounts. Every time you change jobs, you can transfer the total deposited money by submitting the EPS Certificate to a new account with the new company. If you want to withdraw the amount, you can use Form 10C, but a few conditions apply.

What is Form 10C in PF?

You have to fill and submit Form 10C to withdraw your pension money or transfer your account. You can fill and submit this form online or download it from the EPF India website at the link –


Each month a certain amount from your salary goes to your EPF fund. Your employer deposits an equal amount to the same fund under the EPF and EPS Schemes. These transfers mean you transfer some money every month to your pension fund. Your company also transfers the same amount but under two different schemes.

Here’s a table about Form 10C


It is used for the withdrawal of pension from the EPS scheme. It is mandatory for pension withdrawal and needs the EPS Scheme Certificate.

When to fill it

When you change employment after 180 days of continuous service in the organisation and before completing 10 years of service at the job

How to fill it offline

Download the form using the link – https://epfindia.gov.in/site_docs/PDFs/Downloads_PDFs/Form10C.pdf 

How to fill it online

You can fill Form 10C in PF online on the EPF Member portal.

Eligibility Conditions for Pension Withdrawal

The following are the eligibility conditions for pension withdrawal:

  • The member should have a tenure of 180 days in the company.
  • The pensioner needs to fill Form 10C to withdraw the amount under the EPS Scheme.
  • The form can be filled both offline and online on the EPF Member’s portal.
  • The member can withdraw the money after leaving the job or before he/she completes ten years at the present job. 

The EPS Scheme Certificate

EPS Certificate is issued when you transfer or withdraw your pension money. Your EPS Scheme Certificate contains details like your employment history, family details (spouse and children), and nominee. In short, it becomes valid proof of your job history. Here is some additional information:

  • You are given an EPS Scheme Certificate when you transfer your existing pension account to the new company you are joining. However, the certificate is optional if you’ve spent less than 180 continuous days at the present job. 
  • You can withdraw or transfer your pension money if you have spent anything between 180 continuous days and less than ten years at a job. 
  • If you have spent more than ten years in the same company, you can only use your EPS Scheme Certificate to transfer the pension amount from your older employer to the new one.

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Who Is Eligible To Make Withdrawals Under The EPS Scheme?

Any EPF Scheme member who fits into any of the following categories can apply for withdrawals from the EPS Scheme using Form 10C:

  • If you are an EPF member and have left your job before completing ten years of service.
  • If you are 58 years or older but haven’t completed ten years of service. It doesn’t matter if you are still working or not.
  • If you have completed ten years of service but are less than 50 years old.
  • If you are between the ages of 50 and 58 years but don’t want your pension money at a reduced rate.
  • If you are a nominee/family member/legal heir to a deceased EPF member who had reached the age of 58 years but hadn’t completed 10 years of service.

Contents of Form 10C For Claiming Withdrawal Benefit/Scheme Certificate:

Below is a breakdown of each page of Form 10C. You can either submit the filled Form 10C personally at a PF Commissioner’s Office or do it through your employer. The form has 4-pages.

Page 1 has details like:

  1. Name of the claimant.
  2. Claimant’s Date of Birth.
  3. Father’s/ Husband’s Name (for married women).
  4. Name and Address of the Organisation where the claimant was last employed.
  5. Details of the Organisation/Establishment (Office/ Establishment code number and the PF account number).
  6. A. Date of Joining the Organisation/Establishment.
  1. B. Date of Leaving and reason for leaving the services.
  2. Claimant’s Full Address.
  3. Are you willing to accept an EPF Scheme Certificate instead of the monetary benefits of withdrawal (Yes/No)? 

Page 2 has the following details:

  1. Family Particulars and Nominee (Name of Spouse, Children and the Nominee including their Full Name, DOB/ date of birth, relationship with the claimant member and guardian’s name for minor children/nominee.
  2. Details of the claimant member and nominee. (This is to be filled only in the case of claimant’s death after the claimant has attained 58 years of age and has not filed any claim.)
  3. Remittance modes (Is the payment to be made by cheque, postal order or into the savings account. If using a  savings account, specify the bank, IFSC Code, Bank Address, and Name on the Account)
  4. Whether the application is to avail pension under EPS-1995? (Yes/No).
  5. Signature of the employer and claimant employee. (Ensure the organisation’s seal is affixed.)

Page 3 has the advances claimed and details like:

  1. Sum received.
  2. Details of non-contributory service period and wages of the member.
  3. Advance Settlement/Stamped Receipt of pension amount if seeking remittance into the savings account.
  4. Date and signature.

Page 4 is for administrative purposes of the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

  • EPS Scheme Certificate (This section is to be filled by the Commissioner of PF’s Office).

Points To Note When Filling Form 10C In PF Portal:

  • Write your name in capital letters. Use your full name as it appears on your Aadhar card/passport.
  • Enter your exact date of birth.
  • Make sure there is no overwriting, etc. You need to self-attest any corrections made on the form.
  • Double-check the PF number you have entered. It is an alphanumeric 22 character account number that consists of 2 letters for state code followed by a 3-letter region code, a 7-digit company registration code. The next three zeros are company extension ID, and the last seven digits make your member ID.
  • Indicate if you are applying for the EPF Scheme Certificate or not. Read the instructions given.
  • Leave the details of the scheme certificate blank if you are applying for it. 
  • Enter all bank account details correctly. Attach a blank/ cancelled cheque showing the account number, MICR and IFSC Codes.
  • If you are a family member or nominee of a deceased PF member, ensure the details and relationship with the member are correctly filed.
  • If you are drawing a family pension or pension under the EPS scheme 1995, fill in the relevant section. If not, leave it blank.

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Instructions to fill Form 10C Online:

Follow the Form 10c instructions given below if you are transferring or withdrawing from your account online. 

  • Use the EPF Portal (www.epfindia.gov.in) as a member using your password and UAN.

  • Select the “Online Services” menu from the menu bar on top.
  • Select the tab “Claim,” which has Forms– 19, 31 and 10C.

  • You get directed to the next page to see and check member details, service history, and KYC requirements.
  • Press the “Proceed Online Claim” tab.
  • It takes you to the Claims section, where you need to check details like your mobile number, PAN number, Bank account number, UAN number etc.
  • To verify details enter the last four digits of the bank account number and press “Verify”.

  • Click “Yes” on the “Certificate of Undertaking” pop up. 

  • Select the claim type as either “Withdraw pension only” or “Withdraw PF only”. Take care while filling the claim Form 10C.
  • From the “I want to apply for” menu, choose the “Only Pension Withdrawal (Form 10C)” option. 
  • In the Form 10C section, you need to enter your full address, use the tick mark in the disclaimer section. Click the “Get Aadhar OTP” tab that appears. 
  • The OTP is sent to your Aadhar-linked mobile number. Enter the OTP and hit the “Validate OTP” tab and the “Submit Claim Form” tab.
  • On successfully submitting the 10C, an SMS notification is sent to the same mobile number.
  • Your pension claim gets submitted with the 10C form filled, and the amount requested gets credited to your savings bank account after due EPFO verification.

Where To Download Form 10C

You can download form 10C from the EPF Official Website. You can submit the PF withdrawal Form 10C both online and offline.

When to use Form 10C?

The EPF Form 10C online can be used to claim the following:

  • Employer share refund.
  • Member Retention Scheme Certificate: You can get this certificate if your service period is more than 9.5 years and you are less than 50 years of age at the time of application. This certificate permits you to carry forward the previously collected amounts from previous jobs to the new company. You can also withdraw PF amounts under this scheme. 
  • Withdrawal Certificate Benefit:  This certificate is for people who have a service period of less than 9.5 years and are not yet 50 years of age on the date of application. This scheme helps you to get money back from your pension fund while you are not eligible for pension benefits. However, this is not applicable if you haven’t spent 6 months in the company continuously.

Form 10C instructions, documentation and attestation required to be attached with the application:

You need to submit your Form 10C through your last employer/company. The online downloaded forms need to be signed by both you and your employer. 

In cases your last workplace no longer exists, you need to get the form attested by an authorised official. Here’s a list of authorised officials includes:

  • Gazetted officers, magistrates
  • Village union president and village-panchayat president
  • Postmaster/sub-postmaster
  • Member or secretary/member/chairperson of district/municipal local board
  • MP
  • MLA
  • Member of regional EPF committee/Central board of trustees
  • Head of an educational institution
  • Bank manager of the branch where your savings account exists, etc.

Ensure you attach the following documents.

  • Cancelled/Blank cheque with the bank account number, IFSC/MICR Code etc.
  • When applying for a scheme certificate attach children’s date of birth certificates.
  • You need to attach a death certificate in case the EPF member is deceased. 
  • Legal Heir/ Succession certificate of the member is also required for such claims.
  • Stamp worth Rs 1/- if applying for through bank withdrawal benefit.

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It is normal to have a lot of questions about the EPF and filing of Form 10C. If maintaining records, tax or salary calculations are hard for you, try the Legaltree app that helps provide clarity on such calculations.


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