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A Detailed Brief on How to Use the New GST Return Offline Tool

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The GST return offline tool is a software application that allows businesses to prepare and file their GST returns offline, without being connected to the internet. This tool can be particularly useful for businesses located in areas with poor internet connectivity. It can also be useful for businesses that prefer to prepare their returns offline for security or privacy reasons. The tasks that can be completed using offline tools for filing GST returns. Check out this page for details on the various GST Offline Tools. A returns offline tool has been made available for preparing returns. In this tool, a taxpayer can enter as many as 19,000 line entries offline and upload them all at once to the GST portal.  

Did You Know? You need to convert the GST returns and data into json file format to upload the data gendered under the Offline tool to the GST portal.

What is the Return Offline Tool?

It may be difficult for businesses that produce a lot of invoices during a tax period to upload them one at a time. The Returns Offline tool’s visual design and functionalities are the same as the web portal. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, allowing businesses to complete their GST returns quickly and accurately.

Ensure your desktop meets the system requirements before downloading and installing the returns offline utility. The data in your Form GSTR-2A, which was automatically filled in based on the returns provided by your suppliers in their individual Form GSTR, can also be downloaded and viewed using this service.

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Where Can You Find GST Offline Tools?

Currently, the tools are not available for Mac OS, but they smoothly run on Windows 7 and higher operating systems.

Offline Return Tools 

You can file various returns with the use of offline tools like GSTR 1. The tools are available to download for free. The return offline tool V3.1.7 should be downloaded as a zip file. It contains the following: 

  • GST offline tool (The exe. Application file)
  • Section-wise CSV files
  • GSTR 1 & GSTR 2 Excel workbook templates
  • User Manual
  • Read the Readme file to understand the usage

The read-me document will help you install and set up the tool. Read through it, in brief, to install the application correctly. Once the installation and setup are complete, hover over to the user manual to understand the usage of the software. It is 118 pages long, but we got your back in it. We have picked some relevant content under offline return tools:  

  •  File GSTR 1

The return tool helps you upload bulk invoices on the GST portal, up to 19000 line items. Once the invoices are uploaded, you can prepare a GSTR 1 return using the invoice details. If you have large invoice data to upload, you can use the offline return tool multiple times to upload the same invoice for the same tax period. Also, the offline tool is designed to look just like the online interface, and the functionalities are identical for convenience.

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  • Tran 1 Offline Tool

The Stock Statement or Transitional-1 Input Tax Credit (ITC), as some may refer to it is one of the most helpful tools for existing operational VAT-registered firms. This tool allows VAT-registered businesses to convert their VAT liabilities into the appropriate state goods and services tax (SGST).

  •  ITC 03

Taxpayers registered under the composition scheme must complete the GST ITC-03 Form. Taxpayers who receive Input Tax Credit (ITC) and whose supplied products and services are entirely exempt also submit this. Information on finished goods, raw materials, and semi-finished goods that are kept in stock is included in this form. Details about capital assets owned by the person or business entity are also included.

  •  ITC 04

The manufacturer can prepare an offline ITC 04 form with the help of the offline tool. The manufacturer is also given the option to upload crucial information from bulk invoices to the GST portal using technology. All users of the device are free to use it.  

  •  ARA 01

Advance tax rulings refer to written explanations of various tax issues and written interpretations of tax laws by various taxation authorities for corporations or individuals. A corporation or individual must submit the two-page GST ARA 01 paperwork to request an advance ruling on a particular tax situation. 

  •  Offline Utility for GSTR 03B 

Notified GST-registered businesses must submit Return GSTR-3B, a monthly self-declaration, an online return stating the sales figure, ITC claimed, and net tax payable. This document must be filed separately for every individual GSTIN (GST Identification Number). The likelihood of errors occurring when filling this return offline can be decreased. Downloading the offline utility for this form is free. This offline tool is compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems.

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  • Offline Tool for GSTR 06

An input service distributor submits a monthly GST return called GSTR 6. All input service distributors are required to file GSTR 6, which is a necessary return (ISD). It is preferable to fill out this return offline and upload it to the GST portal because it cannot be changed or updated once submitted. This tool is accessible as an MS Excel file and is free for all taxpayers to use. 


All registered persons have the option to file multiple returns offline for simple filing. The GST platform offers the necessary tools for each recovery without charge. The taxpayer must convert the offline document into .Json file format before uploading it directly to the portal after filling out the required information. The return filing procedure is complete once the paperwork has been uploaded to the site. Downloading the tool and using it offline is very convenient for all taxpayers. 

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