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Explanatory & Response Variables: Definition & Examples

Two of the most important types of variables to understand in statistics are explanatory variables and response variables. Explanatory Variable: Sometimes referred to as an independent variable or...

Theoretical Probability: Definition + Examples

Probability is a topic in statistics that describes the likelihood of certain events happening. When we talk about probability, we’re often referring to one...


A boxplot (sometimes called a box-and-whisker plot) is a plot that shows the five-number summary of a dataset. The five-number summary include: The minimum The...

Measures of Central Tendency: Definition & Examples

A measure of central tendency is a single value that represents the center point of a dataset. This value can also be referred to as “the...

Why is Statistics Important? (10 Reasons Statistics Matters!)

The field of statistics is concerned with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. As technology becomes more present in our daily lives, more data is...


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