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What is LUT in GST?

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Letter of Undertaking is the LUT full form in GST. This is a paper manufacturer could use to pay less tax on merchandise they sell. Any shipments liable to IGST underneath the current Goods and Service Tax can be recovered later via a refund against the tax paid.

Alternate possibilities might appear quite appealing given the problems many exporters encounter in receiving tax refunds. A LUT in GST saves exporters the time and effort of requesting a refund and the risk of cash being blocked due to tax payments. Its filing may be completed entirely online, making it extremely simple and quick.

Did you know?

Every certificate holder can submit a guarantee or LUT in GST quests Eleven and transport products, avoiding paying consolidated duty underneath the Rules Of civil procedure. Individuals can register under the LUT number in GST if they fulfil the specified criteria:

Being incorporated with VAT and proposing offering products and services to India, other countries or Special Economic Zone.

Desire to provide products while needing to pay an incorporated fee.

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Meaning of LUT in GST

The abbreviation LUT stands for Letter of Undertaking. The statement of commitment is paperwork that the exporters submit to be able to distribute items and services without paying taxes. If the LUT is not submitted, the importer can spend the IGST and later obtain reimbursement of a taxable income. Because producers would not like to deal with blocked refunds and cash difficulties, filing LUT is more efficient than reimbursement mode. The qualifying conditions for applying for LUT are less stringent than under the old regime.

The entrepreneur can transfer merchandise avoiding tax payments if they file a LUT in GST. If the LUT isn’t completed, the producer should first pay a valid VAT while exporting before claiming a reimbursement to be eligible for none whatsoever.

Frequent export markets profit greatly from filing LUT online because the reimbursement process via another way is time-consuming. During this time, the sum of money is held in reserve in the shape of the due reimbursement, and the money is available for other important purposes in this method.

Who Needs to File a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) in GST?

Unless you have not been tried and convicted for evading taxes for just a value of ₹2.5 crores more than underneath the Central Goods and Services Legislation Conduct law. Whatever authorised user wishes to deliver high-quality products for extract without paying interconnected tax must provide a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) previous to extract supply. LUT in GST can be used in the period commencing:

  • SEZ receives no supplies without needing to pay for integrated goods and services.
  • Payments of IGSTon commodities exported to a nation from outside India.
  • Despite paying for Integrated Goods and Services Tax, delivering assistance to people in a nation from outside India.

Documents Required for LUT Under GST

For submitting a guarantee for LUT under GST with a government organisation, you require the essential papers below:

  • Request form for RFD 11 clearance. Every permitted individual must accept the formal request, which should be in handwriting and verified by the founder.
  • Form GST RFD11 completed, stamped and sealed on paper.
  • On letterhead (in copy), officially notarised statement of commitment.
  • Certification of category bearer or banking document states that the manufacturer has gotten at least 10% of the total of the past financial year and export value (no or less than ₹1 crore) or Banker Realisation Certificate (BRC).
  • On paper, he swears as he has still not been punished for any crime underneath the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST worth more than ₹250 lakhs).
  • A photocopy of the proof of Goods and Service Tax
  • IEC codes duplication (not applicable in case of services)
  • Documents of each season’s GST returns or secondary sources of information for each of the 90 days. When it comes to maintenance, a taxable service income will suffice.
  • Proposal exporting
  • Confirmed PAN and identification of a signature and off eyewitnesses.
  • Permission document.

 How to Apply for LUT in GST?

GST-compliant exporters will presently fill the ‘LUT (Letter of Undertaking)’ below the GST technique online. That is regularly a glorious revolution in automating the GST technique and decreasing the developing grievances of exporters.

Follow the steps beneath to document your LUT online.

  • Visit the GST portal and login on to your GST account with your credentials.
  • Now head to the menu bar and select ‘Services’ desire.

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Step 1

  • Now select the ‘User Services’ option as shown in the image.
  • Finally, choose ‘Furnish LUT’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You may be taken to the screen below:

Step 2

  • Under the LUT for the financial year, select the FY you want to file for LUT.
  • Moreover, you can switch the LUTs that belong to instances with the aid of clicking on the choose document option and importing the LUT document.
  • After this, you have to tick all three checkboxes, as proven in the screenshot.

Step 3

  • After completing all of the checkboxes, fill in the required fields to provide the important points of two witnesses.
  • You need to declare the witnesses on the LUT. 

Step 4

  • Last but now no longer the smallest amount, signal the LUT at the side of your one-of-a-kind DSC/EVC
  • Remember: Once filed, the LUT type cannot be re-edited. Make sure that you recheck all the details filled in. You can then download your GST Letter of Undertaking.

Form RFD 11 Format

Qualified customers that transport goods and services must submit a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) on the common portal in the GST RFD-11 form. This is to avoid having to pay the GST on exports.

Every listed payer with no sales of goods must provide LUT in GST form RFD-11 to the provided link.

The GST site may be accessed and logged onto using legitimate passwords.

Select Services > User Services > Furnish Letter of Undertaking.

What Is LUT in Export?

The exporters can use the LUT in GST to avoid paying taxes on export products and services. If the exporter does not choose this option, they will be required to pay tax on their exports and then claim compensation on the none whatsoever export.

The LUT under GST saves exporters the time and effort to file a reimbursement claim or report back to its division. By skipping the reimbursement path, you may save much time. Any payment made as taxation will be frozen until the reimbursement is collected. In the event of regular exports, a sum will be frozen in receiving tax refunds indefinitely. A LUT liberates this operating cash, which is especially significant for the exporter with finance and cash reserves difficulties.

Ordinary exporters will also benefit from the LUT number in GST. Once submitted, a LUT is valid for the whole fiscal year. The process of submitting the LUT and having it accepted by the institution has been simplified; you may now complete the full procedure online. A few corroborating papers, together with the required LUT form, are needed to get the process started and assist exporters in avoiding losing valuable investment money due to tax returns.

The GST bill and GST agreement can be in Indian Rupees or foreign currency. However, the export earnings must be achieved solely in foreign exchange. Yield and high against specified exports can be recovered in rupees if deposited in a freely usable level of cash and cash account maintained by a non-resident bank located in any nation besides an ACU single nation, Nepal or Bhutan.


The Letter of Undertaking Bond (LUT Bond) is an abbreviation for Letter of Undertaking, which would be a declaration submitted by a manufacturer to be exempt from paying IGST on exports. To increase exports, the government has given exporters the option of filing a LUT in GST that allows them to export while paying IGST. To address this issue, the government has created the option of submitting a LUT bond, which allows small merchants to undertake exports with zero IGST, provided they explicitly state that their objective is to expand overseas.

When customers login with the official website, their GSTIN and identity are automatically filled in. The taxpayers must next choose the calendar year whereby the LUT has been submitted and provide the names, addresses and occupations of two separate and trustworthy eyewitnesses. When completing the LUT in GST, the assessee must additionally pick all the personality criteria.

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