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Detailed Guide On Choosing The Best Name For an Import Export Company

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Import-export business is undoubtedly very fruitful, but a lot of hard work awaits you before you enjoy the rewards. When you start with your brand, you want everything to be perfect. This journey of perfection starts right with the name.

You want your business name to make a solid impression on everybody, but naming a business isn’t that easy. It brings a lot of confusion. It needs creativity, but also keep in mind that what sounds fantastic isn’t fantastic for all. Just try to pick a name, and share it with your close friend. They will certainly point out some faults with the name and try to suggest something from their side. 

So, we’ve decided to eliminate all hassle and help find a great, attractive, impactful and logical name for your brand. 

Here’s an unbeatable step-by-step guide for finding the best export and import company names for you.

Did you know? 

Several aspects needs to be considered before you name your import export business but the most successful and popular companies among people are the ones that has a name that is connected with a human emotion?

Best Export and Import Company Names Carry Attractiveness of the Enterprise

Is the company name just meant for calling? Let’s say ADIDAS shoes. What exactly comes to your mind? It could be durability, top quality, trust and, yes, high price. So, the company name itself tells a whole story about its products, services and everything in between. Finding short names is easy, but the question is, the short name that you’ve selected is that much impactful? Yes, it’s easy to remember, but at the same time, it needs to be attractive as well.

Let’s look at an example.

All of us use salt, right? What’s so special in this name? Maybe nothing. But a smart business mind distinguished it. “Real Salt” is a salt-producing and selling company in the USA, and the name has got a lot of attention. The word “real” adds great value to the buyers’ eyes, and today, most American households use this salt in their meals. Because of this high level of trust, “Real Salt” began appearing on the tables of some highly-reputed restaurants, grocery stores, etc. and became a symbol of healthy food. Yes, this company also exports its salt. 

Here are some attractive export company names of some successful ones. Check these, and who knows, you may manage to reap a better name idea out of it!

  • Powerhouse Trade
  • Sustainable Exports
  • Galaxy Shipping Group
  • Cargo Companions
  • Globe Trading
  • Expert Exporter
  • Cargo Kings
  • Infinity Imported
  • Global Passage
  • Exportaholic
  • Networked Freighting
  • TextTreasure Chest Imports
  • Importology
  • Synergy Trade
  • InMotion
  • RareFinds Worldwide
  • JustInTime
  • GlobaLized
  • Steadfast Shipments
  • Eco Exports
  • Global Doorstop
  • Bulk Up
  • Exotica Import
  • ShipMe Exports
  • Goldeneye Import
  • WeBring
  • OmniPresence Corporation
  • A to B Imports
  • Exporteria
  • Earthbound Exotica

Things to Consider Before Shortlisting the Best Names for Export Company

Choosing a name for the brand and company are almost the same. The right company name always leaves a strong impression on potential customers of the brand. You can promote this name through word-of-mouth, social media, etc. To choose a stylish and sober export company name, keep these factors in mind:

Seek Simplicity

You get party shoes as a gift from Vetements. Now, if you want to suggest the same brand to any of your friends, how’d you pronounce it? Would it be Vete-ments? Well, it’s wrong. The real pronunciation is Vet-Mohn! Similarly, Saint Lauren is pronounced as San Lau-ron, and Proenza Schouler is pronounced as Pro-En-Zuhskool-Er.

Do you really want your future clients to feel that bewildered with pronouncing your brand name? Certainly not!

Not just the pronunciation, but also you need to take care that your brand is very easy to remember. Can you truly forget names like Zara, Puma, Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc? Even if they were not that famous, you might still now find it tough to forget any of those.  

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Avoid Negative Associations of Meaning and Sound

The world is full of diversity in every aspect, and you’re actually going to start an international business. So, you’ll have to respect this diversity. Different symbols and words have different meanings in different parts of the world, which makes the “meaning and sound” important and vital factors before choosing the name for an export company.

The name you choose shouldn’t have any word or symbol associated with bad luck or negativity. You can take care of that with a bit of research. 

Differentiate Your Company Name From Others

The company name should put a full stop to all the competition in your chosen industry. Following your competitors is a great strategy in the export business, but not selecting a company name. If you want to make a strong mark on the market, believe in being as unique as possible with your company’s name. Even if you’re using an online tool for export company name suggestions, don’t insert other company’s names into it. Rather, try inserting keywords relevant to your export business. 

Consider the Product Characteristics of Your Company

It’s good if the company name represents the name of that company’s products. In the beginning, we talked about the “Real salt,” which is a successful example of the same. However, it isn’t a necessity. For example, ADIDAS means “All Day I Dream About Sports,” but the abbreviation itself does not exactly represent any sports product. If you plan to run a small-scale export business, you should believe in fitting the product in your company name. Customers will find it easy to memorize your company name if you do so.

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Now Comes the Testing Work of Your Export and Import Company Name

Till now, we have done the research and figured out the essentials of choosing the right export and import company name. You may have already gotten some cool export and import company name suggestions  from your immediate circle but wait. The work isn’t complete yet. 

Conduct In-Depth Market Research

Testing is important in all types of businesses. And it is also applicable to import export company names as well. You can take some time, check the names of other companies which are in the same business, note down a few names, and finally, shortlist the top 5. Once you’ve shortlisted the top 5, it’s time for testing. Send these names to as many people as you can, no matter whether they are your family members, colleagues, friends, or neighbours, who are free enough to answer a few of your questions and express their honest opinions. Try to include as many business-oriented people as possible in this group. 

You can look upon this process as a small-scale survey only. Now, there are a few questions worth asking, such as:

  • What do they predict the company to be all about by its name?
  • Is the name easy to pronounce?
  • What sort of services do you link with this name?
  • What is their immediate reaction to this company name?

You can also request them to either polish the names you’ve chosen or share their export and import company name suggestions.

Check the Availability of Your Chosen Names

By this time, you’ve already gathered the opinions of your close ones on the 5 names you’ve provided them with. After all suggestions and voting, you’ve can select one best name, with which you’re confident enough. You should be happy to commit with that name and get a positive feel from the inside. Now, it’s time to check the availability of the name. It shouldn’t already be copyrighted. Keep in mind that violating the trademark laws can invite serious legal issues. Now, check whether the website domain is available with your desired name extension. We recommend you go with the .com extension because you are an import-export company. You’ll have to try a different name if the one you’ve chosen is already been taken.


If you’ve done the right research from your end, then you’ll easily be able to pull out an attractive, easy to remember, and impactful name. Also, if the exact matching domain name is available, you’re good to go. Don’t forget to consider a few top intricacies mentioned in the tips above.Follow Legal Tree for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


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