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FSSAI Salary: Perks, Allowances, and Job Profile

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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a well-known regulatory body founded for science-based food-safety standards. The wage structure may differ depending on the city and the job. The FSSAI conducts a two-phase entrance exam: CBT 1 and CBT 2, to select the most qualified applicants for the position of the technical officer. Candidates for the job at the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) are chosen based on their merit list scores.

Did You Know? Individuals must qualify for all the phases of the selection procedure to be considered a candidate for the final appointment.

FSSAI: Overview of Designation 

A deputy manager’s monthly compensation ranges from ₹56,100 to ₹1,77,500, in addition to bonuses and other benefits. An advisor’s compensation varies from 1,44,200 to ₹2,18,200 which can be considered a lump sum amount. Employees of the FSSAI are eligible for a wide range of benefits in addition to competitive wages. The wage structure of the FSSAI is based on the pay scale established by the 7th pay commission.

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FSSAI Basic Salary: Post-Wise Pay Scale 

The following monthly salaries are available for various positions in the FSSAI Recruitment Procedure 2022:


Pay Scale

Deputy Manager

56100 – 177500


67700 – 208700

Senior Manager

78800 – 209200

Personal Secretary

44900 – 142400

Senior Private secretary

47600 – 151100


35400 – 112400

Administration Officer

47600 – 151100

Assistant Director

56100 – 177500

Deputy Director

67700 – 208700

Joint Director

78800 – 209200


123100 – 215900


144200 – 218200

FSSAI Salary: Perks & Allowances

The job description provides specific perks and additional rewards for individuals chosen for the FSSAI technical officer position. In addition to a lucrative income, the official receives the following benefits on behalf of the authority.

FSSAI Assistant Salary 

As of 2021, the pay scale for the post of Assistant in the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is as per Level 6 of the 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix, which ranges from ₹ 35,400 to ₹1,12,400. This means that the minimum basic salary for an Assistant in FSSAI is ₹35,400 per month, while the maximum basic salary is ₹1,12,400 per month.

In addition to the basic salary, FSSAI employees are also entitled to various allowances and benefits. These include Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, Medical Benefits, and Leave Encashment, among others. The exact amount of these allowances and benefits may vary depending on the employee’s location and other factors.

It is important to note that the salaries and benefits of government employees, including those working at FSSAI, are subject to change from time to time. This is based on the recommendations of various pay commissions and other factors.

It is important to note that the salaries and benefits of government employees, including those working at FSSAI, are subject to change from time to time. This is based on the recommendations of various pay commissions and other factors.

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FSSAI Technical Officer Job Profile

Let’s have a look at the numerous responsibilities and duties that a Technical Officer has at FSSAI:

  • Documentation for Legal Purposes
  • Maintaining food safety and quality management systems.
  • Inspection of food companies 
  • Auditing food companies 
  • Training of food firms regarding FSSAI

FSSAI Technical Officer Salary 

The yearly salary of an FSSAI Technical officer position is about ₹5,80,00 to ₹6,50,000 at pay level 7. Different yearly packages are assigned to different roles based on the authority’s pay level and experience. However, the yearly FSSAI technical officer salary package may change during the initial hiring period. This is because the candidate will be placed on probation and their ability to handle job duties will be evaluated.

Salary Structure for FSSAI Technical Officer 

The authorities also provide numerous advantages through perks and incentives to employees chosen for the Technical Officer Post. The 7th pay panel will determine these benefits according to government guidelines. The following are the numerous perks incorporated into the FSSAI Technical officer structure:

In-Hand Salary for FSSAI Technical Officer

The remuneration of the FSSAI Technical Officer may vary depending on the deductions made. In addition, the 7th Pay Commission will determine the in-hand compensation based on government guidelines and the numerous allowances granted to the applicant. The base FSSAI Technical Officer salary varies from ₹50,000 to ₹56,000, with a ₹ 4600-grade pay at Pay Level 07.

Probation Period for Technical Officer at FSSAI

The probation period begins when the employee reports working in the division on a routine basis. During the probation period, candidates will become acquainted with the working environment and the tasks and obligations of the FSSAI Assistant position. The typical probation term for high court appointments is two years. 

FSSAI Job Profile for Administrative Officer

Employees will be able to participate in frequent promotion events based on their seniority level, fitness, and job performance, in addition to the other benefits and allowances.

  • All permitted units must be monitored regularly, as determined by the Designated Officer.
  • Ensure that license requirements and criteria are met and report them to the Designated Officer.
  • In the event of a violation, collect a sample and send it for analysis.
  • Investigate any complaint alleging a violation of the Act’s provisions.
  • To create and update a database.
  • To suggest and authorise the distribution of improvement notices.
  • To keep a record and statistics of all inspections performed and actions taken by the FSO.

FSSAI Job Profile for Assistant Director

Once candidates get selected for the position, candidates must complete particular responsibilities associated with the FSSAI technical officer job description. 

  • Ensure that corporate policies are rigorously adhered to.
  • Recruiting, training, and grooming new employees.
  • Resolving client difficulties and complaints so that they are completely satisfied.
  • Create an overarching management style that adheres to the best practices of the firm.
  • Providing leadership and guidance to all personnel.
  • As a result, product quality and availability improve.
  • Make certain that health, safety, and security regulations are observed.
  • As needed, disciplinary procedures are taken.
  • Complete all responsibilities assigned by the general manager in a timely and accurate manner.

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FSSAI Job Profile for Food Safety Officer

Allowances and other perks awarded by the Food Authority’s Board are included in the following lists:

  • Issue or cancel a license.
  • Stop the sale of any food product.
  • Obtain reports and samples of food products recommended by the Commissioner of Food.
  • Sanctions/prosecutions to be issued.
  • Keep a systematic record of all inspections performed.
  • To take action if obligations are not completed.
  • To stop and check any vehicle suspected of transporting unsanitary food.
  • Conduct food safety monitoring to identify potential dangers.
  • To hold imported parcels suspected of containing food goods, import/sell prohibited commodities, and so forth.


The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has published the FSSAI Technical Officer Salary and Job Profile for 2023. Candidates seeking the FSSAI Technical Officer position should first review the FSSAI Technical Officer salary and Job Profile. It is imperative for those wishing to work for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to know about the FSSAI jobs salary and the FSSAI licensing requirements. 
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