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Navigating is Easy with GST Helpline and Customer Care Numbers

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One-on-one conversation is the best way to get your GST-related queries solved. You can talk to authorities to resolve the matters quickly rather than dropping an email and waiting for hours to get a response, which might be time-consuming. The GST portal has listed numerous contact details for various issues. The GST Helpline is an important resource for businesses and individuals in India who need assistance with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system. GST is a comprehensive indirect tax system that replaced multiple taxes in India, and the Helpline provides a way for taxpayers to get answers to their questions and resolve any issues they may have with the GST system.

Alternatively, you can mail the authorities as provided on the portal. Heavy traffic on the GST portal near due dates has repeatedly crashed the server. You may require technical assistance to get your GST compliance-ready and easy.

Did You Know? 0120 4888 999 is the official helpline number for all your GST related queries. 

GST Helpline Phone Numbers

The phone is by far the most preferred method of communication with the numerous GST authorities. Through the following list of GST helpline phone numbers, you can contact several important  government offices for assistance.

Helpdesk Name

Contact Information

GST Help Desk

0120 4888 999

Saksham Seva

1800 266 2232/1800 121 4560

CBEC Mitra

1800 1200 232


1800 3010 1000

GST Help via Email

Your GST-related queries can be solved by mailing them to the GST helpdesk emails. Email can be proven very effective for official communication and record purposes. The following are some of the useful email contacts to get you the right help:

Helpdesk Name

Email ID

GST Help Seva

[email protected]

Saksham Seva

[email protected]

CBEC Mitra

[email protected]


[email protected]

Saksham Seva Helpline Number

Departmental officers who have forgotten their SSO ID (Single Sign-on) password frequently contact Saksham Seva. Officers must get in touch with Saksham Seva to change their password, and after the entity has verified their identity, the new password is provided to their alternate email address.

This procedure frequently causes delays and affects important tasks of GST authorities. Additionally, all officers who received SSO IDs must have accurate contact information in the Directorate General (DG) systems, including alternate email addresses and mobile numbers. It has been noted that a significant proportion of officers’ contact information in the DG Systems database is either missing or unreliable.

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Given the Goods and Services Act’s complexity, it should be no surprise that taxpayers and departmental officers would have a tonne of questions about everything. CBIC has charged the Directorate General of Systems with creating a helpdesk that would serve as a one-stop shop for all queries of taxpayers and Central Government Officers to guarantee the hassle-free implementation of the GST.


Indian Customs Electronic Commerce/ Electronic Data Interchange is trade and freight carriers, as well as other customers of the Customs Department, can use e-filing services provided through the Indian Customs Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway (collectively called Trading Partner). Along with e-filing, ICEGATE offers several other services, including e-payment, online IPR registration, Document Tracking status at Customs EDI, online DEPB (Duty Entitlement Pass Book) or EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods) license verification, IE code status, PAN-based CHA data, and links to other significant websites/information relating to the Customs business.

ICEGATE also offers a helpline staffed around the clock for its trading partners. It has been employing digital signatures on the Bill of Entry and other documents/messages to be handled on the gateway to ensure secure filing.

GST Self Service Portal

GST is a critical law and its compliance. You, as a taxpayer, may face several issues when filing the returns of the GST. Instead of contacting the help desk through phone or mail, you can visit the grievance redressal portal of GST to get your queries solved easily and smoothly. The expert will assess your lodged problem and try to respond with the best possible answer with a personalized guide to help you at your best. 

Following are a few benefits of the Self-help portal –

  • The self-service portal is designed with an efficient user interface that lets you hover over the various options with just a few clicks.
  • The self-service portal is all you need to post your issues and get the best help. 
  • You can track the status of your ticket on the self-service portal itself and the resolution to your ticket.
  • Every taxpayer may frequently face common or repeated errors while filing the return. Going through the FAQs may be an effective way to solve the problem without waiting in the queue to get the problem solved for you.

GST Preparer

GST preparers are practising certified, helping others file their GST returns with active guidance and help. GST preparers can help businesses and individuals save time and money by taking care of the administrative tasks associated with GST compliance. They can also help clients avoid penalties and fines by ensuring that their GST returns are filed correctly and on time.

The following are the services that a GST preparer is authorized to provide to the client:

  • The GST preparer can engage with the client to help them furnish the details of outward and inward supplies and can file on behalf of the client, GSTR 01 GSTR 02 
  • Can furnish the monthly, quarterly and annual returns
  • GST preparer can create channel and credit the amount to the Electronic Cash Ledger on behalf of the client
  • The GST Preparer can apply for cancellation of the registration of the client.
  • The tax preparer can present the client before the tax authorities in case of disputes. 

You may find a list of all GST Practitioners and Tax Return Preparers on the GST Portal. A person who wants to hire a GST practitioner can get in touch with them directly and hire them for services at a price they both agree upon.

The taxpayer may, at any time, or his discretion, authorize a tax return preparer through the GST Portal using Form GST TRP-6. The authorization can be revoked by filing Form GST TRP-7 if the taxpayer decides not to authorise the GST Practitioner or Tax Return Preparer to file GST returns.  

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GST is yet to evolve to be considered an indirect tax law without flaws. Filing returns of the GST is not easy every time, and you may face errors or technical defaults on the way to file the returns. All you need is assistance, and you may connect to the authorities on calls or emails. Alternatively, you may utilise the self-service portal to raise a ticket and get expert assistance. However, It is always better if someone gets your back. In that case, you may engage with a GST preparer to get the maximum help. 

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