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Know All About Hallmark, KDM, and 916 Varieties of Gold

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People across the globe prefer gold over most other metals for various reasons. Some of these include its intrinsic value, which comes in handy to tide over economic volatility. Some consider it the ideal long-term investment whose benefits they can reap in their golden years. The wide range of gold offerings always enchants gold jewellery and hallmark jewellery lovers and gold investors. New entrants into this industry have kept gold buyers on their toes as people tend to get a little confused with the purity of the various categories. You find the markets flooded with hallmark gold, 916, KDM, amongst others, and perhaps this throws people in a state of flux, especially when it concerns understanding the purity of gold. Each seller makes tall claims about their brand, and this article will give you an insight into these different brands and what each one represents.

Did you know?

Gold is a very dense metal, and it melts at 1064 degrees centigrade.

Difference Between Hallmark, KDM and 916 Varieties of Gold 

All gold and gold jewellery in India is certified for its purity by India’s Bureau of Indian Standards, better known as BIS. Hallmark gold is certified by BIS, and this is a sign of assurance as it implies that it has been crafted in adherence to the BIS standards. BIS is renowned for accurately assessing the gold’s purity and if it is in sync with global purity standards. BIS has more than 330 assaying centres across India. The purity of gold is evaluated across these centres. The 916 gold variety is 22 karats. The digits imply that the gold includes 91.6 grams of pure gold and only 100 grams of alloy. KDM gold constituted 92% gold and 8% cadmium. The melting point of cadmium is lower than the melting point of gold. This works wonderfully in maintaining the purity of the base material, i.e. gold, despite melting it. Let’s understand each of these in detail. The purity of gold has always been a matter of great concern to all buyers. Many buy gold for long-term investments, and if the purity is debatable, it will certainly not yield the returns you may be looking for in the future.

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Getting Familiar with the Hallmark Gold Price

It is important first to understand what is hallmark gold. This gold undergoes various quality-check processes before it is made commercially available to the buyers. Once the quality and assurance processes are completed, it affirms the purity of the gold, and it is made available for commercial use. The entire procedure of checking the quality and purity of the gold is known as hallmarking.

Hallmark gold comes in three different levels of purity. These are:

  • 750 – 18 karat
  • 958  – 23 karat
  • 875  – 21 karat

You must ensure that you buy hallmark gold-based products from reputed stores. There are many small-time retailers and gold shops that also make a sale of hallmark gold, but the purity is debatable. Hallmark gold products come with laser engravings. Some of these are:

  • Logo of the retailer who is selling it
  • The level of purity
  • The year in which it was certified
  • The BIS logo
  • Logo of the centre where it has been assayed

All hallmark jewellery is certified by BIS and has the requisite details which validate its certification and purity.

Gold prices fluctuate with the volatility of global economies. The prices keep changing and depend on erratic changes that make them tumble a little or see them rise.

  • A single gram of 23 karats can cost ₹5109
  • A single gram of 21 karats can cost ₹4730
  • A single gram of 18 karats can cost ₹3967

These prices are subject to market changes.

10 grams of 24 karat hallmark gold could cost between ₹49800-54330. You can check the price for every type of hallmarks and also buy digital gold from the Legal Tree app securely and at your finger tips. 

Discovering more about 916 Hallmark

The 916 hallmark gold variety is a preferred choice when it comes to crafting delicate jewellery ornaments. Pure gold is known to be extremely soft, malleable and is not feasible for making intricate designs in gold. 916 is 22 karat gold and is always preferred for making different types of quality gold jewellery by most individuals. Most goldsmiths craft arresting designs from 916 gold. The gold designs are mesmerising and highly durable.

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Understanding the Secrets of the Stunning KDM Gold

The jewellery made of KDM gold was delicate, creative, and alluring. These delicate designs were created through the process of soldering, as is done with most gold jewellery.  KDM gold is made of 92% gold and 8% cadmium. KDM jewellery, though well received at first, the Bureau of Indians Standards (BIS) has imposed a ban on all products made from this gold. The gold-making processes had taken a toll on the health of the artisans. The various jewellery products created produced health-related issues for those who wore them. This gold is no longer commercially available for sale, but the brand’s impact is still felt in the gold market.


Gold is one of the most attractive and popular elements for investment. There are multiple reasons for people to invest in gold. Some invest for financial security, some to finance their kids’ studies in the future, finance a property purchase as well as provide security in their old age. Buying quality gold is imperative because the purity assures you of good futuristic returns. There are many gold varieties, and you have to be prudent to select the right one. The details of this article guide you on how to choose gold for making creatively designed jewellery and the key features you should look for before investing in gold.

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