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How to Increase the Sale of Lubricants by 10x

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Lubricants are viscous liquids or semisolids derived from hydrocarbons that aid in lubricating machines with moving parts, particularly automobiles. The lubricant industry is expanding in tandem with the increasing number of automobiles. 

Lubricants are necessary for reducing friction and wear and tear on moving parts, which helps extend the life of machines. The lubricant industry is expected to expand as advanced lubricants with improved performance and environmental benefits are developed. 

However, the introduction of electric vehicles poses a threat to the lubricant market. These challenges need to be met with carefully planned strategies. 

These strategies include catering to a broader range of products, conducting more research, investing in aggressive marketing, and generating better customer experiences. 

Measures to Increase Sales of Lubricants

Businesses can use the following tips to increase sales of lubricants:

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1. Hire Smart People

Smart employees are the key to progress in this rapidly evolving industry. In a dynamic and ever-changing business with a high turnover rate, employees must be brilliant, hardworking, well-trained, and efficient. Training your team often. 

This is a foolproof strategy for boosting sales. 

2. Design a Customer Experience

Make sure to treat customers with dignity and respect and finish the work quickly and efficiently. You can also offer water, beverages, magazines, and journals to read while waiting. 

Good music in the area could enhance the waiting experience. 

3. Sell While They Wait

The appropriate time to explain the utility and advantages of superior-quality products is during waiting time. Explain the differences between your product and those available on the market. 

Showcase your offerings in the waiting area. 

4. Use Checklists

This will ensure quality and efficient service for customers. Make employees follow the checklist and walk the customer through it. 

Save the checklists to evaluate performance improvements. Analysing checklists can help identify areas for improvement and optimise operations. 

5. Maintain Your Position on the Floor

A wise business manager knows what is happening in their establishment. Stay out of your office doing clerical work. 

Step into the service bay, interact with your customers, train your employees, and make your presence known. 

The more you lead by example as the owner or manager, the more team experience you will cultivate in your shop. Customers and employees will notice a difference. 

6. Offer Incentives and Rewards 

Use incentives to sell synthetic oils or more expensive products at discounts. Everyone enjoys discounts, rewards, and gifts. 

Offer free services, products, and interactions that can help generate good word of mouth for others. 

As a result, new customers will be added, and more will be acquired. Customers will return to you if they like your products and experience. 

7. Marketing

Investing in marketing to grow your customer base is critical. Use as many platforms as possible, including social media marketing, advertising, and print. 

Market analysis is a tool for understanding the market. 

Once the analysis is done, a targeted marketing plan for attracting customers should be followed up with efforts to improve the customer experience and cater to customer needs. 

This is done by targeting marketing efforts at the appropriate audience. 

8. Build a Powerful Brand 

When a brand is strong, it is recognised in the market. It overshadows the competition. A powerful brand is critical to increasing customer loyalty and the value of your products or services. 

Branding is a necessary tool. When a brand image is created to be a leader, it naturally attracts more customers. 

9. More Products 

The market is dynamic with customer ever-changing needs. Customers stay where they feel their needs are catered to. 

A wider range of products caters to a broader audience. More products mean more customers, which will also help build a better brand image.

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10. Get Proper Feedback

Thank your customers, follow up, and ask about their experience. Getting their feedback makes them feel important. 

Assuring the customer that their needs will be addressed shows that you care. 

This will help with customer retention. It is also paramount that the customer respects your product and the efforts put in by your team. 

Feedback will also help keep the interaction alive. 


There is no shortcut to a successful marketing strategy. Additionally, a high-quality product, positive customer interaction, and the availability of a wide range with a memorable customer experience will help increase lubricant sales effectively. 

A thriving business results from hard work, teamwork, training, updating, and catering to customers’ needs. All this will create a better brand name and a long and successful run.

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