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Setting Up Packaged Snacks Business Online

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Online presence is a must for any business these days. It gives the business a lot of exposure and helps acquire customers from all over the globe. Packaged snacks business in India is very promising as it gives good returns if positioned properly in the market. Indians love snacking any time of the day, and every Indian household has a stock of their favourite snacks packet. So, it is a good idea for snack business owners to use this to their advantage and provide a platform where people can buy their favourite snacks from the comforts of their homes. Keep reading if you are starting a snack business from home or have an already established business but are looking to set up your packaged snacks business online.

Did you know? 

The work-from-home model that has evolved in India during the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in double-digit growth for many packaged snack brands. People satisfy their mid-work cravings with packaged food items available in small packaging as these are easy to get.

How to Start Packaged Snacks Business Online?

Decide the Product/Products You Want to Sell Online

As a business, you might be offering one or more products to your customers. However, one has to keep a few points in mind when selling products online. Your product or snack must not be easily perishable. If you have a snack item that gets spoiled in a short duration of time, it is probably not fit for selling online as delivery may take some time. However, you can keep it on your list if you are willing to provide the option of store pick-up to your customers. Snacks packed in proper packaging that will not deteriorate during transit and reach customers properly are good choices to sell online.

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Get Relevant Licences and Permissions

Knowing how to start a snack food business in India is one thing. The other important aspect of running a business successfully is to know the legalities involved. Any person who wishes to start a business of packaged snacks in India must get the necessary licences and approvals from the government before going forward with any plan. Having licences and legal permissions in place saves you from getting into legal issues. The business suffers unnecessarily if any legal issue arises because such issues take time to settle. To avoid running into any hassle in the future, it is a good idea to have the required licences in place.

Decide Your Delivery Areas

Depending on how big your snacks business is, decide the areas where you will offer delivery to your customers. If you have a small business, you might only want to deliver your packed snacks items locally or in and around the city. Bigger businesses with a higher production capacity can cater to customers across the country. It is always better to start delivery in a small region to see how well it is going. When selling food items, it is important to deliver a quality product to customers. Starting small can help you identify and resolve any problems that may arise while delivering the products. Once the delivery process is smooth without any issues, you can always expand your customer base by providing service to faraway locations.

Select an E-commerce Platform

Another important step to running an online snacks business is identifying and selecting a good e-commerce platform. There are several e-commerce websites in the country, and every platform has its policies. There are terms and conditions that business owners must agree to before using the platform for selling their products. Therefore, one must always go through these terms and requirements before selecting the best one as per your needs. Apart from an e-commerce platform, a snack business can even get a personal website for the brand. It will help in strengthening the brand image in the market. However, one must remember that e-commerce websites offer a great market exposure compared to individual websites. If you want to maximise profits through online selling, you must utilise e-commerce websites.

Set Up Your Online Store

Once you have decided which e-commerce website to go with, it’s time to set up the online store. Make sure you provide all the necessary details about your products and the services you offer. Keep in mind that it is a virtual platform, and your customers can’t just pick up a snacks packet and taste it before making a purchase. So, provide well-written product descriptions for your customers to help them shop through your online store. A well-designed store is essential to provide a good shopping experience to your customers.

Set Up Payment Methods for Customers

For the convenience of your customers, it is always better to provide them with several payment methods which they can choose from to make a payment. Having payment options like credit card/debit card, bank transfer, UPI, and Gpay ensures you don’t lose a customer due to limited payment options. Cash on delivery is yet another payment method businesses can offer their customers. 

Offer Delivery or In-Store Pick-Up

If a business of packaged Indian snacks has a storefront, it can offer the facility of in-store pick-up for online customers. It is a great way to get the customer to your store and see what you have to offer in person. It also helps customers who do not wish to wait for their items to be delivered to enjoy their favourite snacks packet.

Use Digital Marketing to Reach Customers

It is the age of digital marketing. Businesses must utilise this tool to help generate higher revenues. Make use of online campaigns and ads to promote your snacks business. It is a good idea to allocate certain funds for digital marketing every month to gain exposure and make an impression in a customer’s eyes. 

Make Use of Social Media Platforms to Acquire New Customers

As social media has become an integral part of our lives, businesses have started using it to gain new customers. Social media platforms are comparatively cheaper than running ads on television. It is a valuable tool for new businesses selling Indian snacks packets as you can gain significant exposure depending on the budget. New or small sellers can use nano-influencers or micro-influencers to create brand awareness.

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Get Customer Feedback

Online businesses are highly dependent on good reviews. People are often drawn to products that have received good reviews from customers. So, make sure you politely remind your customers to leave a positive review on the website if they enjoyed your snacks. When you have more positive reviews, you will have many new and returning customers to buy your products.


Online selling is a good proposition for those who know how to start a snacks manufacturing unit at home. E-commerce websites provide a good opportunity for home businesses to sell their products and generate profits. An important factor that one must keep in mind before selling packed snacks in India is the product’s branding. A visually appealing packaging catches a customer’s attention, thereby increasing the chances of making a sale. Things like inventory and storage of packaged snacks are other points you must consider before commencing the business. So, if you think you make one of the best-packaged snacks in India, go ahead and set up an online store to take your business to another level.

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