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Trending topics for youtube

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Want to create compelling video content? Spend some time researching and discovering what’s popular and trending among your audience. It is important to come up with interesting and intriguing YouTube video ideas if you are a newcomer. These concepts must link to your interests, like: what skill do you excel at? What do you enjoy? What’s your plan? Take a good look at yourself and your goals. 

To draw the audience, your YouTube channel idea should be new and exciting. Maintaining a YouTube account for your work is a great way to reach your target audience. To get started, you’ll need a basic understanding of video trends, a strategy to showcase your niche, and an understanding of how to optimise your content for video platforms.

How to find trending topics for YouTube videos?

Discussed below are some of the tools or apps that can assist you in finding popular and trending topics for creating quality content for your YouTube channel.

Tools or apps required:

1. Google Trends:

Free search analysis site Google Trends allows you to see what’s trending worldwide or in a particular country. For market research, it’s an excellent resource. There are different ways you can use it:

  • Identify the most trending topic on youtube: Your video can be inspired by what’s trending in a specific region. You can monitor YouTube topic’s performance by changing the parameters.
  • Comparison of topic: If you want to create a video that is somewhat similar to another popular video. Google Trends can let you compare comparable videos and see how they stack up.
  • Look for a sub-topic: Take a peek at subtopics. Then you’ll be able to find out what the audience’s preference is for a particular subject.

2. Google Keyword Planner:

Using Google Keyword Planner is an effective way to search keywords for your upcoming videos. Two conditions should be met to use this Google Ads product for free.

  • Expert mode is required, not the smart mode. There must be a completed Google Ads account created. You’ll need to establish a campaign to get billing information.
  • Also, if you don’t want to spend money on your campaign, you can halt it at any time. Without it, you won’t even have the option of using it! In addition to keyword search assistance, Google Keyword Planner gives valuable information about historical statistics, search volume, and other relevant data.

3. Keyword IO:

Keyword IO is a free service. If you’re interested in fresh business ideas or youtube trending keywords for your YouTube channel, you can use this function to search for keywords and discover new ones. Your search engine and location should be specific. The options will be alphabetical and not ranked by popularity.

On the other hand, the paid edition allows you to access a variety of additional services for a monthly fee, such as Cost Per Click (CPC), search volume, and more. For beginners, though, the free version will suffice. 

4. Tube Buddy:

There are several unique features in TubeBuddy for YouTubers, which is why it is a YouTube-certified add-on. Using the tool’s keyword research option, you can search for keywords to develop viable new ideas. TubeBuddy’s basic free version assists you with a search for the keywords. Though it’s only for YouTube, it’s still a terrific method to find out the most searched topics on YouTube. The paid version has more options with Productivity, Bulk Processing, Video SEO, and Promotion Tools.

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5. Ahrefs:

In terms of backlink and SEO analysis, Ahrefs has a wide collection of tools at its disposal. Compared to the other solutions we’ve discussed thus far, this one is a bit pricey. However, you’ll get access to a wealth of information if you decide to purchase the tool.  You may also create keywords depending on different search engines.

What Ahrefs offers you in terms of generating trending subject ideas are the following features:

  • Site Explorer: For paid search, you’ll learn which topics are most beneficial for your business. Backlinks are also easier to keep track of with this tool.
  • Keywords Explorer: For locating appropriate keywords and coming up with new ideas for your video as well as the difficulty ranking and search volume for each keyword will be aided by using this tool
  • Content Explorer: It’ll help you find the material that’s been shared the most.

6. Buzzsumo:

As a content marketer’s tool, Buzzsumo is invaluable. For example, you may check for trending topics for Youtube or the existing content on your idea. You can analyse how it’s performing on other social media platforms, with limited access to the free version’s basic capabilities. You can use Buzzsumo’s complete range of capabilities after you become a paying member. It works as follows:

  • Generate Ideas: You can use Buzzsumo to find out what the virtual world is obsessed with within different geographic locations, as well as the top-performing content. Topics that will work with your viewers might be generated this way.
  • Content Research: In addition, the analysis and research tools will assist you in locating the most relevant content on any given topic. As a result, you’ll be able to determine what works and adjust your plan accordingly.
  • Influencer marketing: This application allows you to locate influencers in your area of interest/niche and create relationships with them to get some cooperation from them on your videos.
  • Monitoring: Learn about what’s going on in your sector, what others say about emerging trends, and what your competitors are working on.

7. Trendspottr:

Trendspottr is an excellent social listening tool. You’ll be able to remain up to date on all the newest social media buzz if you have this. The tool can assist you in identifying upcoming trends so that you can capitalise on them before they become mainstream.

Your SEO will benefit from the ideal keywords. It’ll give you the information you need to create video ideas on trending topics on youtube and material that resonates with your viewers and generates a lot of interest from your audience.

8. Trendsmap:

This handy tool shows you what’s trending on Twitter throughout the world. Investigate popular hashtags and themes. Zoom in on your selected location to learn about what’s trending in that area. Essentially, Trendsmap provides another excellent opportunity for social listening.

Use of Social Media to look out for Youtube trending topics

So far, we’ve discussed some popular methods for finding trending topics for YouTube videos, but there are additional options as well. The first basic task is to be active on social media networks.

  • Twitter: Twitter is an excellent app for getting up to date on what issues generate conversation and debate. To find out what’s trending in various regions, click on the gear icon and choose the geographic location. Then, look at the popular hashtags to determine what the discussion is about and if your video material may add value to it.
  • Reddit: Reddit is also an excellent resource for finding Youtube trending topics. You can browse multiple subreddits or, on the ‘popular’ tab, choose the place you want to focus on, and voilà! You’ll discover what’s trending right now. You may also use the Search Reddit button to see what is trending today.
  • LinkedIn: It’s also a good idea to check LinkedIn for a more professional perspective. Because it is a popular professional network, it provides a unique opportunity to get information. Follow people, businesses, and relevant hashtags on the platform to stay up to date about the trending discussions in the professional world.
  • Youtube homepage/YouTube trends: Although the YouTube homepage is different for each user as it depends on their viewing behaviour, it is still an excellent option to look for ideas. Follow your favorite creators to get inspiration from their stuff. YouTube trends are geographically based and may not be the best source of inspiration, but they do exist. Keep a watch to see what’s going on. If you come upon something of interest, enter the term into Google Trends for more information.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Facebook includes a section calle d ‘Trending Topics,’ a quick and easy method to check which news stories, articles, and videos are trending.  Every day, a large number of photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram. The social network is currently experimenting with a new way to surface popular content with an improved discovery tool. In addition to monitoring trends on social media, you should spend time creating your community on a few critical networks. This will enable you to engage in meaningful dialogues with your viewers. These interactions with other people may even inspire you to create video material. Aside from that, if there is a hot topic that your audience wants you to discuss, you will learn everything about it once the conversation begins.

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Combine a few of the tools mentioned above to determine which topics have the greatest chance of bringing in a lot of traffic or ROI to your YouTube channel. You’ll get more views if you provide engaging, interesting content and have Youtube trending India topics. In your search for the next legendary topic for YouTube video, practice empathy, as well as sound judgment. The concept of making a video on a certain issue that is simply going to stoke a fire and appeal to the deviant sides of human nature should be rejected. Cater to the most searched topic on Youtube a nd make meaningful videos to gain organic followers. 

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